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Success Stories

Crull Fitness took me to the next level not only physically, but mentally as well. You won't find better coaches that come along side you and help you train while also developing a relationship with you. Working out together with my teammates in the gym were some of the best times of my life, and I'm forever grateful to Coach Crull & his staff for helping me achieve my dreams of playing sports at the next level. Train Hard, Win Easy.

- Ryan Cash

"There’s not a single doubt in my mind that Coach Crull’s sports-specific training program prepared me for collegiate level sports. I was transformed into a high-caliber athlete due to Coach Crull and his staff’s commitment and attentiveness to my performance. If you want to take your performance to the next level, Crull Fitness will provide you with the atmosphere and training regimen you need to succeed."

- Brandon January

Crull Fitness is the best of the best when it comes to getting their athletes to the next level. The results are what brought me to them. But what separates Crull Fitness from the competition is the relationships that they take the time to build in order to make you a better person and player. It will always feel like home to me. 

- Mark French

“Hey, Joined your location in Richardson about a month ago. Love your place. Right size, right clientele, right equipment. From Day one Julian made me feel welcome and greets me by name every time i walk in the door. Great gym and great service! thanks” 
– Kendall O.

“My name is Tanner Wells and I am a sophomore football player at Lake Erie College, near Cleveland Ohio. I have been training with Coach Crull since my freshman year of high school (5 and a half years). Crull has constantly pushed me and transformed me into a stronger and more explosive athlete. Just recently I came home for Christmas break where Crull trained me as he usually does when Im back in Dallas. Before I left for break, my weight and body composition was taken. When coming home I weighed 218 lbs and had 13% body fat. After training with Crull for four weeks and following the diet he implemented, I returned to Lake Erie College weighing 219 lbs with 11% body fat. My max on both bench press and power clean increased by 10 pounds while also gaining speed and explosiveness. The biggest difference I recognize is my ability to sustain performing at a high level of intensity. I am now able to be consistently quick and fast rather than burning out after a few sprints. If you are committed to Coach Crulls diet and training regiment you will see improvements, I am living proof.” 
– Tanner Wells

“I learned from Asami that today was the last day of conditioning. I just want to thank you for all you have done for her. Probably you don’t realize how much influence your training has had, not only physically but mentally on her. I still remember that summer, long time ago, when she spend 6 hours for 3 weeks with you. I didn’t know back then how much her life was going to change. Asami and Fuji changed a lot. They learned what her body was and wasn’t able to do, their strengths and weaknesses, the importance of eating well and keep balance. They came back from training dying but willing to the challenge the next day. I still don’t know how you did it but they learned to be strong, to fight for their goal, to enjoy the sweating and to be proud of it, to be professional and to respect the effort of others and to respect their coaches. They learned to set their own goals too. Asami enjoyed very much your conditioning at JPII. She always came back telling me very good things about your training. Unfortunately this last months she has been struggling with her health but I think she is finding her way up again. Thanks Al. You should feel very proud of what you do because you train all this kids not only for sports, but for life. I wanted to tell you this long time ago but for so many reasons I couldn’t stop by. I am pretty sure we will keep in touch. Keep building strong and positive athletes. This world needs them!”
– Fujiko Robledo

“It really feels wrong to try and express my grattitude for coach crull and crull fitness through a small testimonial. to put it simply however, crull fitness is responsible for so much of my success. i joined as a 15 year old freshman at which point my body, my role on the feild, and my future experienced a transformation. i was given all the tools and guidance i could ever need to dominate at the high school level as well as the colligate level, all i needed to do was show up ready to work. and it showed, i was was fortunate enough to be all state three years in a row, an all american as a senior, and a starting linebacker in the pac 12 as a true freshman this past season. there is a million reason why i am thankfull for coach crull and crull fitness, but above all i greatful for the way i actually became family and as long as i am home i will never train anywhere except crull fitness.”
– Rob Hankins

“I spent countless hours up at Crull on Custer with my son Kyle Jones who has been training with you all twice a week for about 18 months. He started as a member of the Dallas Texans group of 10 to 12 that was there originally on a regular basis. As time went on, though his teammates bailed, my son was the only who stuck it out week in and week out all this time. I just wanted to thank you personally, and of course Julian, as well as Patrick when he was there, for not only your efforts in improving his physical health and capabilities, but for inspiring him to continue for so long. I could not have asked for more. His strength and agility vastly improved making him a better soccer player, and frankly a more confident young man. I understand you discussed with him last night a need for change and we fully understand and appreciate the business aspect you must manage to. No complaints from me, in fact just the opposite – nothing but praise. Again, a great personal thank you.” 
– Tommy Jones

“Coach Yarbrough, We wanted to let you know what an outstanding job you have been doing as Vincent’s personal trainer these past few months. He really enjoys and looks forward to his “fitness classes” with you each week. Vincent has a connection with you that makes him want to work hard at each session. This makes it possible for him to push himself to new heights week after week. We’ve noticed several changes in him recently such as: increased flexibility, increased strength, and better posture. Luis and I know that he is in good hands with you, and that gives us the opportunity for the whole family to work out to improve our family’s health, fitness, and overall well being. You have been a great influence in Vincent’s life and we really appreciate everything you do for him. Thanks!!!! Luis and Karen Gutierrez”
– Luis and Karen Gutierrez

“For me, a short endorsement of Brian Crull, his wife Bridgette and the entire Crull Fitness staff is not just difficult, it is near impossible. I simply cant say enough to adequately express my gratitude for everything they have done for me. Brian Crull is not only a trainer, a coach, and a mentor; he is a friend and a second father. I attended Parish Episcopal High School where Coach Crull was my strength and position coach. During my time at Parish I decided to pursue competitive weight lifting and Coach Crull was immediately on board. With his help, I set every school weight lifting record as well as set every TAPPS power lifting record for my weight class. At the TAPPS State Meet, I placed first in every category and had the highest over-all total out of every weight class. In football, I received All-District awards all four years for both offense and defense. I was a team captain for two years, including my senior year when we won the TAPPS State Championship. No small feat for a football program in Texas that was started only five years earlier. At the end of my senior year I accepted a scholarship to Kenyon College to play football and begin studying for law school. For me, the most fulfilling aspect of my achievements was proving everyone wrong that told me I couldnt do it. I met Coach when I was ten years old and my dream was to play college football. At ten years old the only people who believed in me were my parents, that is, until I met Coach. Despite my big dreams, the reality was that I was a 10 year old kid that was too short, too heavy, too slow… Why would anyone take me seriously? But Coach never focused on what I was, he only focused on what he knew I could be. He truly believed in me as much as I believed in him which allowed me to achieve my dream. Coach Crull didnt teach me how to compete and win in sports, he taught me to compete and win in the game of life.” 
– John Mark Johnson

“Crull Fitness is the best place to go for any workout related thing you need, sports, or just getting back in to shape. Their trainers know what they are talking about and are easy to talk to. They will work with you though problems and bend over backwards just to see you succeed in whatever you want to do. I would recommend everyone workout at Crull because you not just a number or paycheck, you are a person; the trainers and staff want you to actually come and workout and better yourself. I have been working out at Crull for about a month and Adam has helped me put on 20 plus pounds, and made me more explosive, faster, and quicker. Crull Fitness will get you better guaranteed.”
– Joe Hoffman

“I have been training with Brandon Williams and John Ball at Crull Fitness for the last few months to enhance my baseball skills. I and others have already noticed an increase in my speed when running the bases and have also noticed that my arms are getting stronger. I think training with Crull has been and is beneficial to me and can be for any athlete.”
– Nick Gifford

“I want to personally thank you for doing so much for the Parish family, especially for all you have done for Rob. I know for a fact that coming to Parish 3 years ago was the best decision we have ever made. During these past 3 years, you have helped a kid who had potential realize a dream and climb to an enviable position with over 25 D-1 offers. I know how much you give of yourself to these kids and how much it matters to them and their futures. I just want to thank you very much. You will always be a part of our extended family.”
– Rob Hankins, Sr.

“Training at Crull Fitness has prepared me for playing division I volleyball. They increased my vertical, explosiveness, and overall conditioning. When I am back home from school I always come back to Crull Fitness to train!”

– Madie J., LSU Volleyball

“Crull Fitness has greatly improved my strength and conditioning. I have noticed increases in my flexibility and the height of my jumps. I now feel prepared to compete at the National level.”
– Anthony Evans, US Figure Skating Competitor

“Crull Fitness has completely changed the way I train and prepare for competition. I haven’t felt as in shape as I am now ever and my skating has never been better because of Crull Fitness.”
– Josh Reagan, US Figure Skating National Champion

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